Shakespeare, Red Wine and Performance Nerves.

An Idiot On Stage Blog Post 20JUNE15

Community theatre is about relationships. Regardless of your views on the importance of performance standard (and I consider it important), you can’t tell many stories on your own. You need people. So why do so many companies and performers make decisions and choices from a position of fear and lack?

  • “Your success means my failure.”
  • “Encouraging you means belittling me.”

It’s a lonely road for the neurotic performer who sees others as competition and it’s a lifetime of ineffectiveness for a company that shields itself by living by the statement, “we’re just amateurs; don’t expect much of us.”

An Idiot on Stage was built on the determination to “equip and encourage community theatre to expect more and be extraordinary.” I’ve been around too long to believe that I can do that all on my own. I may be the Idiot but I ain’t stupid. Our theatre community is full of passionate, talented and courageous people who are willing to step up and share their skills and knowledge with the rest of us. The problem is that most of us isolate ourselves in one little theatre company, never opening our eyes and ears to the teachers around us.

“Red Wine for Idiots” is a series of filmed conversations with community theatre performers, producers and directors and it’s my way of bringing the experience and teaching of others to the theatre community. Its sole purpose is to equip and encourage, not to mention having some fun.

Last night I experienced the beginning of this series as I chatted with three amazing people discussing everything from performance nerves to working with directors, from performing Shakespeare and producing independent theatre. I was so excited by the end of the night that it took me a couple of hours to come down off the ceiling.

This series will be released on facebook and youtube in a couple of weeks. Go to and sign up to receive my eNews, “The Idiot’s Notebook”, for notification of the video releases and more.

This theatre thing is a lot of fun but it’s absolutely BRILLIANT when you share it. Have a great week.

Cheers, Sher.

An Idiot on Stage is written by Sherryl-Lee Secomb to equip and encourage community theatre to expect more and be extraordinary.   |   facebook/anidiotonstage